project starcoder was founded in 2019 by cskitty. The site was created to host a variety of programming and programming-adjacent topics, presented in video and text forms.

Online articles are written by cskitty and cryptobunny. While writing projects for Python tutorials, Cryptobunny also creates solutions for Project Euler. In the meantime, she also writes articles for cryptography.

In 2020, we started offering tutorials and live classes to K-12 students throughout the USA and Canada.

Copyrights and Licensing

Project starcoder is the sole author and copyright holder of all the content on this web site, unless explicitly indicated otherwise.
The copyrighted content includes videos, class handouts, tutorials, coding examples, images and photos.

Feel free to link to starcoder.org web pages at any time. Generally speaking if you utilize my work, you need to cite starcoder.org as the author and include a hyperlink to the article page (or cite the URL in text).

If you wish to use any of my content (such as course videos, class handouts, tutorials), please send an email to hicskitty@gmail.com to ask for permission.

Please explain your intended purpose clearly, and all reasonable requests will be approved.

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