Beginner Algorithm (USACO Bronze Level)

Video Solutions for Bronze Questions

I selected several interesting questions in USACO Bronze and made explained videos for them.
Checkout my solution videos for selected Bronze Questions

Ad Hoc

Algorithm Example Level
Ad Hoc Sleepy Cow Herding Easy


Algorithm Example Level
Simulation Hoof, Paper, Scissors Easy
Simulation The Bovine Shuffle Easy
Simulation Milk Measurement Easy
Simulation Mixing Milk Easy
Simulation Shell Game Easy

Brute Force

Algorithm Example Level
Brute Force Triangles Easy
Brute Force The Blocked Billboard Easy
Brute Force Team Tic Tac Toe Easy
Brute Force Photoshoot Easy


Algorithm Example Level
Greedy Boyer-Moore’s Majority Vote Algorithm Easy
Greedy Mad Scientist Hard

Coordinate Compression

Algorithm Example Level
Coordinate Compression Range Sum Easy
Sliding Window Min/Max of Sliding Window Medium
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