Hard Algorithms (USACO Gold Level)

Video Solutions for Gold Algorithms

Dynamic Programming

Easy DP

Algorithm Example Level
DP Climbing Stairs                               Easy
DP Unique Paths II Easy
DP House Robber Medium
DP Marathon Medium


Algorithm Example Level
Backtrack Subsets Medium
Backtrack Permutation Easy
Backtrack Combination Easy
Backtrack Knights Tour Easy
Backtrack Hamiltonean Cycles Easy
Backtrack Palindrome Partitioning Easy

Subsequences (LIS, LCS)

Algorithm Example Level
DP Passing Notes Medium
DP LIS (Longest Increasing Sequence, N^2 Algorithm) Medium
Binary Search LIS (Longest Increasing Sequence, NLogN Algorithm) Hard
LIS,DFS Missile Defense System Hard
DP LCS (Longest Common Sequence) Medium
LIS Sister Cities Medium
LIS Chorus Medium
LIS Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock Easy
Backtrack, LIS Missile Defense System Medium
LIS/LCS LCIS(Longest Common Increasing Sequence) Hard

Monotonous Stack

Algorithm Example Level
Monotonous Stack Stock Spanner Easy

Knapsack DP

Algorithm Example Level
0/1 0/1 Knapsack Problem Easy
Unbounded Currency System Easy
Unbounded Number Combination Easy
Multiple Multiple Knapsack Problem Easy
Mixed Mixed Knapsack Problem Medium
Multiple Constraits Knapsack with Multiple Constraits Hard
Group Group Knapsack Easy

Interval DP

Algorithm Example Level
Interval DP Stone Merger Easy
Interval DP Bonus Binary Tree Easy

DP on Finite Automata

Algorithm Example Level
DP on FA Corn Yard Medium
DP on FA Little King Medium
DP on FA Password Counting Medium
DP on AC FA DNA Repairing Medium

State Compression DP

Algorithm Example Level
State Compression DP Treasure Hunt Medium
State Compression DP w/ Rolling Array Artillary Position Medium
State Compression DP Traveling by Stagecoach Medium

DP on Digits

Algorithm Example Level
DP on Digits Sum of Digits Medium

DP & Combinatorics

Algorithm Example Level
Combinatorics KK’s Chemicals Medium

DP on a Tree

Algorithm Example Level
DP on a Tree A Party Without a Boss Medium
DP on a Tree Course Selection Medium


Algorithm Example Level
Dijkstra Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Medium
Shortest Path Faster Algorithm (SPFA) Layout Medium


Algorithm Example Level
TopologySort Milking Order Medium

Point Update Range Query

Algorithm Example Level
BIT Cow Haircut Medium

Euler Tour, LCA

Algorithm Example Level
Euler Tour, LCA,BIT Cow Land Medium
Euler Tour, LCA, Custom Hash Milk Visits Medium
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