Intermediate Algorithm (USACO Silver Level)

Video Solutions for Silver Questions

I selected several interesting questions in USACO Silver and made explained videos for them.
Checkout my solution videos for selected Silver Questions

Prefix Sum

Algorithm Example Level
Prefix Sum Prefix Sum Easy
Prefix Sum Subarray Sums Divisible by K Easy
Prefix Sum Maximum Subarray Sum Easy
Prefix Sum Div7 Easy
Prefix Sum breedcounting Easy
Prefix Sum hoof paper scissors Easy
Prefix Sum maxcross Easy
Prefix Sum homework Easy
2D Prefix paintbarn Medium
Algorithm Example Level
Binary Search Binary Search C++ Easy
Binary Search Maximum Median Easy
Binary Search B.Books Easy
Binary Search C.Cellular Network Easy
Binary Search tractor Easy
Binary Search Cross Country Skiing Easy
Binary Search Auto Complete Easy
Binary Search Angry Cows Easy
Binary Search Haybales Easy
Binary Search Cow Dance Show Easy
Binary Search Secret Cow Code Easy
Binary Search Convention Easy
Binary Search Berry Picking Easy
Binary Search Loan Repayment Easy
Binary Search Social Distancing Easy

Two Pointers

Algorithm Example Level
Two Pointers Circulation of Affection Easy
Two Pointers Cow Lineup Easy
Two Pointers Diamond Collector Easy
Two Pointers Why did the Cow Cross the Road? Easy
Two Pointers Paired Up Easy
Two Pointers Diamond Collector Hard
Two Pointers Layout Hard


Algorithm Example Level
DFS Grid Paths Easy
FloodFill Flood Fill Easy
FloodFill Grid Path Easy
DFS Luxury River Cruise Easy
FloodFill Switching on the Lights Easy
FloodFill Build Gates Easy
FloodFill Moocast Easy
FloodFill Why did the Cow Cross the Road III Easy
FloodFill Where’s Bessie Easy
FloodFill Mootube Easy
FloodFill Mooyo Mooyo Easy
FloodFill Icy Perimeter Easy
DFS/Flood Fill Fence Planning Easy
DFS Milk Visits Easy
DFS/Flood Fill Wormhole Sort Easy


Algorithm Example Level
BFS BFS Distance Easy
BFS Piggyback Easy
BFS Closing the Farm Easy
BFS Muliplayer Moo Easy
BFS The Great Revegetation Easy
BFS Clock Tree Easy


Algorithm Example Level
Tree Tree Traversal Easy
Tree Tree Algorithms Easy


Algorithm Example Level
Sorting Field Reduction Easy
Sorting The Bovine Shuffle Easy
Sorting Rental Service Easy
Sorting Out of Sorts Easy
Sorting Mountain View Easy


Algorithm Example Level
Geometry Load Balancing Easy
Geometry Triangles Easy
Geometry Field Reduction Easy
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